What is Decalcification?

What is Decalcification?
Posted on 02/12/2019

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Permanent white spots on your teeth that can range from mild to severe is known as decalcification. For patients who develop decalcification, it can become more noticeable once your orthodontic treatment is completed and your braces come off. The good news is these spots are preventable!

Decalcification, also known as white spots, are caused by the loss of minerals from the teeth, which in turn, weakens the enamel. People who are at risk for developing decalcification typically need to improve their brushing habits because they leave plaque, a soft sticky film, on their teeth. Plaque left on the teeth in combination with consuming foods and drinks that are acidic and contain sugar is a dangerous combination. Situations like this can cause a rapid onset of decalcification. 

The best way to decrease the risk of developing decalcification is:

1. Develop good oral hygiene habits by brushing at least two times a day and flossing regularly.
2. Maintain your 6 month appointments with your dentist.
3. Avoid food and drinks that contain acid and sugar (especially drinks like soda, lemonade, sweet tea, and sports drinks).
 4. You may also want to consider an electric toothbrush; we recommend a Sonicare.

Should you have any questions or concerns about decalcification, please ask our staff, we would be happy to answer any questions you have.