What Color Will You Choose?

What Color Will You Choose?
Posted on 05/13/2014

One exciting part about wearing braces is getting to choose the colors of your rubber bands. Orthodontists place elastic bands, or ligatures, over each bracket to secure the arch wire in place. You have the option of choosing the color of your elastics at each of your appointments.

Patients often enjoy picking different colors each month to express their creativity. Some options to consider are school spirit colors, favorite sports teams’ colors or holiday themes.

Still can’t decide? Maybe choose colors that match your personality:

  • Red– action oriented, confident, courageous
  • Orange – social, warm, optimistic
  • Green – practical, down to earth, nature lover
  • Blue – calm, peaceful, reliable
  • Purple – sensitive, compassionate, supportive
  • Pink – loving, nurturing, caring
  • Black – mysterious, formal, elegant
  • Silver – sleek, modern, sophisticated

Whatever color you choose, your smile will be wonderful!